Remember Today, for Nice

Hours after the terrorist attack on Nice, I took my camera and headed out to the streets of Beijing. I want to photograph the people living around me, so I can remember today, for Nice. 

Kumano Kodo Diaries

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On the third day of the Kumano Kodo trek, I find myself alone in the morning. I must complete the last two days journey through the forest by myself.

One Picture One Day (1P1D)


Hey, welcome! My name is Andy Hu, this site shows my photography work. The camera is a tool for me to understand and capture life. The thought of sharing my experiences and interpretations with others excite me, the ability to converse with my audience through my photographs give me purpose. Absorbing a new idea and engaging in a meaningful conversation are as essential to me as eating, drinking, and dreaming. Thus 1P1D was born. For the past months, I have posted one of my pictures on WeChat every day, hoping with these photos to bring what I see and feel into the world of those around me.

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